Background Check

Hiring risks can be minimized by preventing negligent hiring and negligent retention. We achieve this through the use of “Neighborhood Intelligence Gathering” (NIG), we will also assist you to “hire right”. This specialized service becomes necessary because of the numerous fake certificates/document, dubious individuals seeking employment present to their unsuspecting employers.                                                                                                                                            

The need to be able to trace your employees and their guarantors when the need arises can also not be overemphasized. 


  1. Verification and confirmation of Employee’s address with Neighbourhood Intelligence Gathering (NIG);
  2. Verification of Educational qualification obtained from various Institutions
  3. Verification of Professional Certificate Obtained (if any);
  4. Verification of last Employment Checks
  5. Criminal Record Checks (This will require the presence of personnel to be vetted for finger printing capturing and a recent passport photograph)
  6. Verification and confirmation of Addresses of guarantor(s) with Neighbourhood Intelligence Gathering (NIG)